Aurora, Oregon Company Floors Nation

Some may describe it as a “Portland thing.” How else to explain the mad dash by many for the opportunity to buy or sell used airport carpet?

Aurora Oregon

But this Portland phenomena has a distinct Aurora, Oregon link and is making national news. As a result, Aurora, Oregon’s creative connection to the ‘rugged rug’ is helping it morph into near-cult status.

Aurora Oregon, Nagl Floor Covering
  A section of the ‘magic carpet’ about to be flying off the shelves

The Portland Airport Carpet Story
There were reportedly 32 bids from carpet merchants and other interested parties to sell roughly 13 acres of Portland International Airport’s old carpet. A handful of successful bidders were selected in large part based on their creativity.

Aurora Oregon
A Portland Connection to Aurora, Oregon

Proposals were chosen in accordance with the Port of Portland’s goal of getting it out to “people in the community who want to own a piece of PDX history.” Of the 32 bids, only 4 were selected, and Nagl Floor Covering of Aurora, Oregon was a winner.

Aurora Oregon
Nagl Floor Covering of Aurora, Oregon

Here’s more background about Portland Oregon’s iconic airport flooring. Even the Wall Street Journal has an article on the now-famed PDX carpet.

Aurora Oregon
                          Most Airports Aren’t Known For Their Carpet

After successfully running the gauntlet through an onerous selection process, Aurora, Oregon’s Nagl Floor Covering now has a logo and dedicated website at to sell the old Portland International Airport carpet.

Aurora Oregon
Nagl Floor Covering Logo

Here’s a link to the Nagl Floor Covering website designed for purchasers of the Portland International Airport’s carpet.

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