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A recent report on Aurora, Oregon real estate provides some very interesting insights into our current market. The new study includes local market data on Aurora for easy comparison with neighboring towns.

Aurora Oregon, 97002, Aurora OR, Oregon Aurora
Notable New Aurora, Oregon Real Estate Stats In Red-Click Image To Enlarge

In the table above, several key elements are circled in red, showing where Aurora is a standout in several categories.

Aurora Oregon
Some Aurora History

Here’s a summary of the latest report with key information on our Aurora, Oregon real estate market:

Fewer Homes Are Sold In Aurora, Oregon
With just 9 properties sold last month in the survey, Aurora is behind only Hubbard’s 8 sold properties in having the fewest local home sales. Woodburn enjoys the distinction of most local homes sold, far outpacing the closest runner-up, #2 Silverton.

Aurora, Oregon Homes Are Big!
Aurora homes that sold last month averaged 2,153 square feet of living space. That figure dwarfs Woodburn (1,355 square feet) and Canby (1,530 square feet). Closest to Aurora’s large average home size was #2 Silverton at 1,985 square feet.

Aurora, Oregon Homes Are More Expensive
Related to Aurora’s larger average sold home size, Aurora also has the highest average selling price of all neighboring communities listed in the survey at $275,588. This is more than twice Woodburn’s average home price of $138,073. Closest to Aurora’s price was Canby at $262,637.

Aurora Oregon
Oregon’s Choice Since 1950!

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