Aurora Oregon Firm Buys Army Helicopters

Columbia Helicopters based in Aurora, Oregon recently acquired five former army helicopters through a General Services Administration auction. As each craft enters the Columbia Helicopters maintenance facility, technician teams will conduct extensive inspections, including airframes, systems and components to make them airworthy.

Aurora Oregon
Boeing CH-47D Delicopter

As former military aircraft, the helicopters will be operated under restricted Federal Aviation Administration guidelines. This means they will not be used for passenger transport, but for support tasks like aerial firefighting, construction, and functions related to the oil and gas industry. No specific projects have been announced for the recently acquired helicopters, including use for timber transport.

Aurora Oregon
CH-47 Helicopter Cockpit

Founded in 1957, Columbia Helicopters is one of Aurora, Oregon’s largest employers. Columbia Helicopters have been featured in Hollywood movies, including Under Siege, Demolition Man, King Kong Lives, Starman and Runaway Train.

For more information about this vital Aurora, Oregon business, visit the Columbia Helicopters website here.

Aurora Oregon